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After talking with Fox & Frankie for only a few moments, I knew I needed BTA Entertainment at my wedding. There were several factors I was prepared to spend money on for our wedding: my dress, the food, the photographer, and the DJ. I'm a firm believer you get what you pay for, and I can honestly say BTA Entertainment is completely worth every penny. My husband wasn't entirely convinced until he talked to Frankie & saw her in action. He was blown away! If you're shying away because of the price, DON'T.      BTA does so much more than play music; they create an indescribable atmosphere that will insure every guest from your 70 year old grandma to your 7 year old cousin has the time of their lives.    Risa J       Carolina Wedding Barn, New Bern, NC 28562

All DJs are the same.........  NO they are NOT

While searchinh for the perfect DJ Entertainer for your wedding, there are a few things you should know.  In the United States, there is no licensing for DJs, there is no acredication for DJs, there is no University for DJs. 


But what we do have are Conventions, Seminars and Workshops.  the leaders of the Wedding DJ industry teaches these Seminars and Workshops at the conventions.  Here at BTA Entertainment, our owner, Fox Feltman, attends these conventions. Not only is Fox attending, he has been teaching over the last few years.  Fox has presented seminars on a national stage, he has presented our inteactives and has preformed at the national conventions.


Fox is able to bring back this further education and teach it to the BTA Staff, with the help of videos and notes.  We are leaders in the market and the wedding industry because we have continued education. 


Education is only one part of Success to your wedding or event.  We have experience.  Fox formed BTA Entertainment in 1988, that is 29 years of Wedding Entertainment. And while that is a long time, BTA Entertainment averages 140 wedding receptions a year.


Not only does BTA Entertainment use state of the art, Professional Mobile Disc Jockey equipment, each of our entertainers carries back up equipment on site.  This includes not only sound equipment, but laptops as well. Peace of Mind is a value you can NOT out a price on.  If something does go wrong with equipment, rest assured, we will fix the issue and continue with the SUCCESS of your event.


Most wedding DJs rely on YOU giving them every song you want to hear at your wedding and if those songs fail to fill the dance floor, well they were the songs you chose.  Plus most wedding DJs honeslty DO NO KNOW what to play and how to get people to the dance floor.


You do NOT have that issue with BTA Entertainment, we have vast music knowldge, we have huge music libraries and we KNOW what gets people dancing.  Together with your customized list, requests and our ability to read your guests, we make sure every single person from 5 years old to 95 years old feels thought of and hears music they love.


Combind this with getting your quests to interact and really allow themselves to have a great time,You'll see all those SMILES,and this allows for total SUCCESS!







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