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Our NEW LED Photo Booth Cube

Our Open air Photo Booth  (no cube)


Behind the curtain: A Lot of FUN!

We have always been fans of a photo booth...


– who can resist the goofy faces and silly behavior that takes place behind that mystical curtain? BTA Entertainment Photo Booths is a locally owned, professional photo booth rental company that services All of Eastern North Carolina and the Crystal Coast. Providing photo booth entertainment is our specialty! The laughter and smiles it brings to our guests keeps us motivated and inspired to continuously share the joy. The photo booth isn't just our job, it's an expression of our passion for fun and entertainment and our
booths help to capture your amazing moments on film.


You have a choice of our NEW LED Photo Booth Cube, its an 8x8x8 inflatable cube with LED lights allowing us to make the booth one of 8 colors. Or choose our traditional rectangular framed booth with cloth walls.  This booth is 6' long, 7' high, 3 1/2' wide.  We include props with our price, most companies charge you extra for props.  Your guests may go in the booth an unlimited amount of time, each session takes 4 pictures and two strips are printed per session.  After the event, you will recieve a "share link" via email, with all the pictures taken throughout your event.

Whether your celebration is a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, family reunion, school event or any special event, we want you to choose us to be the photo booth you can always count on. You and your guests deserve to have an amazing time. Let BTA Photo Booths help
you make your event unforgettable!

Our goal is help you add an element to your celebration that your friends and family will talkabout for years to come – without breaking the bank! We’ll take care of set up, tear down, and everything in between. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your friends strategize
about which silly face they’re going to make next, and it will quickly become one of the highlights of your event. When its all over, if you want, we'll even leave you with a scrapbook that documents your special day.

TWe look forward to working you!




2 Hours  $425 (public event only ie: fairs, real estate open house, fall festivals)


Weddings and Private events
3 Hours  $575
4 Hours  $695
5 Hours  $785


Standard Packages Include:


  • Choice of Booth, Traditional or LED Cube
  • Free delivery up to 60 miles (120 miles round trip from New Bern)
  • Setup and tear down of booth
  • All Props
  • Booth attendant
  • Your choice of color or black & white photos
  • 2 x 6 Strip or 4 x 6 Postcard (additional charge for 4 x 6)
  • Unlimited photos during your event
  • Custom design/logo for your photo strips
  • Disc of all images
  • Web gallery for one year (password protected if you choose)



Scrapbook:  $100 (includes second set of prints
4 x 6 Postcard prints:  $1
USB Drive upgrade:  $15
Idle Hour:  $25






You've got questions? We've got answers!

What kind of events do you book?
Any kind! From weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs to birthdays, anniversaries, Schools, reunions and corporate parties, we'll help you
rock the booth at any event!

How does the booth work?
It's simple! Step inside, touch the screen, and follow the instructions! The booth will show a
live video preview and a countdown prior to each photo so you can strike the perfect pose.
The booth will automatically take 4 photos, and voila!....about 30 seconds later your print is

Will my guests have to pay to use the booth?
Absolutely not! Our rental fee covers full operation of the booth for the duration of your rental
time. All your guests have to do is enjoy the fun!

How big is the booth?
Our traditional booth measures about 3.5' x 6', and is 7' tall. It comfortably fits anywhere from 1-6 people,
with potential to squeeze in a few more if you're up for it!


Our New LED Photo Booth Cube is 8' x 8' x 8' 

What are your setup requirements for the booth?
We require enough space for the booth itself (3 'x 6') or (8' x 8'), plus some extra space surrounding the
area so your guests can easily move in and out of the booth. We also need to be within 25
feet of a 3-prong outlet. If you select our scrapbook option, we will also need a table and chair
to assemble your scrapbook on (a 6' skirted table is ideal).

What do I need to do to book you for my event and when is payment due?
A $200 non-refundable date reservation fee is due at the time of booking. This amount gets
applied toward the cost of your package, and the remainder is due 2 weeks prior to your

Is there a travel fee?
We'll travel up to 60 miles from New Bern free of charge. Events over 60 miles have an
additional travel fee based on time and distance. 60 - 90 miles $30, 90- 120 miles $60.

How can I pay?
We accept cash, check, money order, and credit cards (3% processing fee applies to credit
card transactions).

How many hours should I reserve a booth for?
Whenever possible, we recommend having the booth open for the duration of your event. If
you'd prefer to scale back a bit, you can always opt for less time, or use idle hours as a
cost-effective way to split up your package hours. Ultimately, the timing depends on the
structure of your event and your own budget. We're happy to work with you to come up with
the best schedule for your individual event!

Will the booth operate for the entire duration of my contracted time?
Due to the nature of the photo booth, it may require some basic maintenance (adding media
to our printers and such) during your event. We guarantee that it will be operational at least
95% of the time, but typically our clients don't even notice any down time.

When do you set up / tear down?
With our standard packages, we set up for 2 hours immediately prior to the booth start time,
and tear down for 1 hour immediately after the booth end time. [i.e. Setup 4-6pm, Booth open
6pm - 10pm, Tear down 10pm -11pm] We also offer the option of using idle hours to deviate
from this schedule if you would prefer an early setup, late tear down, etc.

What are idle hours?
Idle hours cover any time that the booth is fully assembled but not open for photos, and are
$25/hr. For example, if you'd like the booth set up by 6pm but not open until 8pm, or to close
the booth for an hour during dinner, etc. They are a great option to use if you'd like to break
up your package hours!

How many photos are we allowed to take at our event?
As many as you can squeeze in! There is no limit on the number of photo sessions! 

What kind of print options do you offer?
You can choose between the classic photo strip (2 x 4) or the 4 x 6 postcard print shape. Both
options have multiple photos and include a custom logo design for your event!

How do the photo color options work?
We offer three colors to choose from -- color, black & white, or sepia tone photos. You can us
what choices you want or opt to have all the photos in a single color. It is totally up to you,
and there is no extra charge either way!

How does the scrapbook option work?
The scrapbook option automatically includes an extra set of prints, so one copy of each photo
session goes into your album. We provide all the materials needed to assemble a  scrapbook
for you -- album, paper, pens, stickers, etc. We individually select all the materials for each
album based on your event colors and theme. Our attendant will place each photo strip into
the album, encouraging guests to write a message for you.  By the end of the night, you'll
have a beautiful keepsake of your event that you get to take home right away!

Can I provide my own scrapbook?
Sure! If you'd prefer to choose your own supplies you can do so. You would also need to
purchase an extra set of prints to go in it, and provide a person to assemble the book for you.

What is in the prop box?
All sorts of fun items! Since we're constantly updating our props, the selection may vary from
box to box. However they all contain fun items to wear like feather boas, an assortment of
hats and masks, sunglasses, and beads; plus goofy items to hold like giant crayons, a
pony-on-a-stick, sword/shield, wands, and more!

Can I provide my own props?

What if I'm not sure which options I want yet?
No problem! We understand that in many cases your event is still months away, so it's ok if
you're unsure of all the small details. The most important thing is to get a both reserved for
your date, and we can always adjust your timing and options as we get closer to your event.

How soon do I get my scrapbook/online gallery/CD of images?
Your scrapbook is assembled as the event progresses, and will be ready to take home at the
end of the night! Your images will be posted to an online gallery within 3 days of your event,
and we'll mail a CD of all your images within 2 weeks. Want your photos sooner? Upgrade to
our USB option and take all your digital photos home with you that night!

Not finding the answer to your question? We're happy to talk with you about it! Don't
hesitate to contact us with additional questions or concerns.


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