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If you want your wedding/reception to be the best wedding your guests have ever attended, then choose BTA! We had a blast! Fox told us on our first meeting that he would have all of our guests on the dance floor, all at the same time, and he made it happen. I've never been to wedding where the DJ really had everyone dancing. There were so many moments that Fox was able to make so special and memorable. My father daughter dance was perfect and the intro prior to the dance was so touching, my dad was crying so much. He had no idea that a simple dance would be so personal. I won't give too many details because this is definitely something everybody has to experience for themselves!


We also had Fox host our rehearsal dinner the evening before. No music here, just fun and games. We had most of our guests come from out of state (and out of the country), some we haven't seen in years. All of the games helped everyone mingle, get to know each other better, and get familiar with all of the stages of the relationship I have had with my husband. We had high school friends, college friends, military friends, and family that were able to see the entire picture of our relationship that Fox was able to paint with fun games. I would highly recommend this service.

Overall, everything was perfect to put it simply.


Thank you Fox!    We'd do it all again any day!   America           Carolina Colours, New Bern, NC 28562

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