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The Interaction


If I could give BTA 10 stars, then I would. Fox was everything we wanted for our wedding. He kept our guests entertained for almost 6 hours. He provided music for the ceremony and all of the entertainment for the reception. The cool thing about Fox is that though he is a professional in his field, he's also a very personable and gregarious guy; a plus for someone in the entertainment business. In our meeting we discussed what we wanted and he molded our visions into a reality. Our goal was simply to have the best and most fun wedding we and our guests had ever attended and Fox surely came through with his promise. My wife and I have had countless phone calls with guests complimenting how it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to. We even had one couple ask us to get married the next week, so they could relive the wedding again! BTA is worth more than the money you pay and I would tell anyone to look no further than Fox.   Tracy      Butterfly Kisses Pavilion, Newport, NC 28570

At BTA Entertainment, interaction is one of the biggest things that makes our company diffrent from everyone else in Eastern North Carolina.  Anyone can tell you they do the Cupid Shuffle or the Electric Slide, they are line dances not interaction.


Interaction is the direct way that our entertainers and your guests have a relationship during your big day, It's being your Emcee, It's giving your guests direction, it's getting your guests on the dancefloor, it's makeing everyone in the room have fun, it's making sure every person you have invited feels that they were a part of your reception, that YOU thought about them and that We thought about them.  Interaction is getting guests to dance, to sing, to clap, to yell, to cheer, to laugh and sometimes to shed a tear of happiness.


The BTA Entertainment brand is an exclusive brand, no one else in our area does what we do.


BTA Entertainments DJ Entertainers, attend conventions, workshops and seminars.  These thing are our means of further education.  It's how we continue to grow in knowledge, its how we come up with upcoming and new ideas to make your wedding and event the very best.



When meeting with you, we find out exactly what you are looking for, 99% of the time our Brides are telling us "We Want FUN" or "We Want Everyone To Have The Time Of Their Lives"!     We talk with you about the BTA Entertainment Brand and what opions you have.  How you can customize your reception to refect your individual personalities. 


Believe it or not, BTA Entertainment, actually does get everyone to the dancefloor.  Its really something to see. We care about you, we care about your family and we care ablut your guests. 


With our interaction, our venues directors consistantly tell us that when BTA Entertainment is preforming, guests stay much longer.  Of course we can see that as well.  When you partner with BTA Entertainment, your guests are not getting up and leaving after dinner as at most weddings.  Why?  because we have had the opportunity to entertain them several times by the time you cut your cake, which is when many guests leave, not at your wedding.


Throughout your wedding we are creating moments and memories that your guests take away for a lifetime.  Its the wedding they never want to leave.






If you have not already taken a few moments to read all the links under the Weddings tab, please take the time to do that.  The Reasons, The Success, The Smiles, The Dancing and The Interaction all together is what makes this all come together, what makes your guests leaving saying

"That was the BEST wedding EVER"!,




Its the little details that we care about, its making your wedding reception different then everyone else, it's being very unique with the interactives and your wants and needs, about something that many weddings just aren't...  It's about being FUN!!!


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