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Amazing! I went to a wedding where BTA entertainment was DJ'ing and I wouldn't book my venue date for my own wedding until I knew they were available! They totally made our wedding! Everyone ended up on the dance floor even the people you would never expect! BTA helped with memories of a lifetime! Hands down recommend them, don't think twice!!!!    Stephanie Brooks      Tripp Farms, Greenville, NC 27834

It's Party Time!!


You're getting married and you want all of your family and friends to celebrate with you on the biggest day of your life. This is what makes it so special, but what makes the party happen?  Good food, delious cake, good drinks, a wonderful atmosphere, lots of smiles and daning to great music.


But its much more then just music!  A good DJ plays good songs, A Great DJ knows how to not only play your favorite songs, but to program a variety of music to ensure every one of your family and guests feel thought about and have a GREAT time at YOUR wedding Reception.


A great Emcee (MC), will not only be able to do all your announcements, but they will also be able to interract with your guests and ensure the flow of your wedding.


Now that we know the reason, we can get to how to create SUCCESS, with SMILING, DANCING, MUSIC, and INTERACTION all brought together by your DJ ENTERTAINER. 









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