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Everything about BTA Entertainment was beyond our expectations. Fox was our DJ for both the wedding and the rehearsal dinner and I can not begin to describe how amazing he is! He guaranteed us the best wedding and because of him everyone is still talking about how our wedding was the best they have ever been to. We couldn't have asked for a better DJ and we will without hesitation recommend BTA Entertainment to everyone we know! Thank you so much Fox for the amazing night.  Kristen P      Carolina Colours, New Bern, NC 28562


Smiling is an international Language


There is one thing you need to know about smiles and laughter.  PEOPLE ARE HAPPY.  They are having a great time.  They love the company they are with. Smiling brings people together.


At a wedding or event, many people do not know each other, and it can be akward, but getting your guests to let loose, to open up, to laugh and smile and have a great time will bring your guests together.


Have you ever been to a wedding, a party or any event, were people don't know each other.  It can be a negitive scene.  Blank looks on faces, no one taling to each other.  But put smiles on peoples face and they want to share this enthusiasm. 


I think of being at a College or Professional football game.  When your team is down the crowd is quite.  But when your team is playing and scoring and showing up, you jump up and down, you Hi Five people near you that you don't even know, the smiling happens and converstations start, YOU ARE HAVING FUN!!


It's the same way at a wedding.  Fortunatley, as you can see with the oictures to the right, BTA Entertainment, know exactly how to bring friends and family together with smiles.


Your guests are going to feel good, want to stay longer, feel connected to you, others and connect the The Reason, we are celebrating to being with.


Now bringing your guests to The DANCING and letting them have the best time of their lives is happening.



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