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My wife and I had Fox as our Dj and he exceeded all of our expectations. Everything was perfect from the ceremony to the reception. Also had a lot of suggestions for songs when we couldn't think of any. I highly recommend BTA entertainment to anyone who's looking for a perfect source of entertainment at there wedding. Shout out to Fox who was our DJ, you're the man.   Kyle H      Abilena Plantation, New Bern, NC 28560


There are two things every Bride wants at her wedding.  She wants her guest to have FUN and she wants her guests to DANCE.  Dancing is a big part of the Reception celebration, and as was stated earlier, you have to have a DJ Entertainer who knows how to get people to that dance floor, to keep them engaged with the music, to have the guests signing, dancing, clapping their hands all with a BIG SMILE on their face.


Not every DJ can do this.  But Remember, you are partnering  BTA Entertainment, to work with you as your entertainment.   With Experience, Education, Knowledge and passion.  Your guests will be dancing the night away.


There is consistantly something happening at your wedding reception, there is DANCING and INTERACTION, DIRECTION, SMILING, MUSIC and FUN.


Music is a Key element in keeping your guests moving on that dance floor. and that KEY is programing the HITS.  Taking your customized request, your guests requests, the know dance floor hits, and reading your guests. 


There are so many ways to interact with your guests, Hand Claps, Shouts, Singing and so much more.


Let's face it, Line Dances are here, they have been here and more keep coming out.  Guests love to do them and as a DJ entertainer, the line dances are tools.  These tools allow your guests to come to the floor, fill it and have so much fun.  Here is another great thing about BTA Entertainment, our DJs will never use you as a cruch.  We gravitate to your fun family members and guests.  There are numberous traditionals you will be needed for, but during these FUN line dances, if you are talking, keep talking, if you want to come to the floor, come join your guests.


At most weddings when the dancing starts, maybe 10 people come out and dance as no one wants to be the first or perhaps they haven't had enough to drink yet (a big excuss many DJs across the country use).   At BTA Entertainment, it doesnt matter to us, if there is alcohol or not.  At BTA Entertainment, we are going to get your guests dancing and having a great time no matter what.


But, instead of 10 people coming to your floor, BTA Entertainment has a very unique way to have your guest interacting and bring them ALL to your dance floor during the very first dance song. This continues until the very last song of the night with everyone at the event still on the dance floor so the final exciting song of the night, leaving your guests wanting more and essentially having your quests saying this was the BEST Wedding Reception EVER!




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